Open Data Albania publishes data about the economic damage audited by Supreme Audit Institution during 2018

The Open Data Albania ODA Portal published several investigative articles of open data from the audit reports of Albanian State Supreme Audit Institution (ALSSAI) during 2018. The articles identify the economic damage found in monetary value, the institutions responsible for the highest damages, and the mostly affected sectors and areas. The damage and ineffectiveness identified by the auditing for this year is estimated to two hundred and thirteen billion Albanian Leks, or one point seven billion Euros. The damage consists of two categories, Irregularities and Financial Violations causing economic damage to incomes and expenses, and Violations of the Financial Discipline with a negative impact in the performance of the auditees. The audits were carried out in line with the ALSSAI’s Audit Plan for 2018, covering the institutions’ economic and financial activity for 2014 – 2018. During 2018, ALSSAI audited one hundred and sixty two institutions.