StartUp Datathon Albania, Data Marathon by AIS, promoter of Open Data

AIS returns to its tradition of Datathon and Hackathon Albania. This November we started working with a group of young people for the DataThon that will be held in January 2023. DataThon comes from the words Data and Marathon. They are events where people meet to work together on an idea and to collect, analyze, visualize and communicate findings related to data.

AIS has previously held DataThon and HackaThon in Tirana. This time DataThon is an event that will engage young members from the OpenDataFellowship Network. This Youth Network was created to increase the capacities and skills of young people in anti-corruption issues. The issue to be addressed this time is the finance of political parties, their volume, structure, and visualized forms of research. For more information on DataThon Albania 2023, a publication will be prepared on AIS website.