Management of State-Owned Corporates during electoral periods, AIS starts monitoring this process for 2019 Elections

In the country, there are 220 companies owned by public institutions, municipalities or ministries. Their management and performance is of high importance, considering they are public assets, subsidized by public money and offer necessary utilities. In the 2017 elections, a considerable number of cases of electoral influence were reported involving state-owned companies’ assets. AIS has started working on the implementation of the “Monitoring Abuse of Public Funds by State-Owned Companies during Electoral Periods” project. The project consists of election oversight on monitoring abuse of state resources, and is supported by the USAID program, “Accelerated Civic Development and Cooperation”. The goal of this project is to educate and empower citizens through information and transparency about state-owned companies’ potential abuse (misuse) of their money, assets and human resources during 2019 Elections.