[Week 04.10.2021- 10.10.2021] Covid – 19 Situation with Vaccinations, Infections, and Mortality

Please find below an update on Albania’s situation with Covid-19, for the week 04.10.2021- 10.10.2021, which AIS / Open Data Albania is providing. Find Data and Charts on Covid-19 updated on a daily basis at http://www.open.data.al/covid-19/

As per the last public statement, the number of Vaccinated in the country is:

–           Complete vaccination with 2 doses 828 940 Persons
–           Vaccination with the First Dose 960 652 Persons
–           In Percentage, it results that 29.29 % of the Population is Fully Vaccinated.
–           In Percentage, it results that 35.08 % of the Population above 15 years is Fully Vaccinated.

The Albanian state has so far applied Vaccination with AstraZeneca; Pfizer BioNTech; Sinovac CoronaVac; Gamaleya – Sputnik V. (Linked all documents of our Government for Vaccine Administration http://openprocurement.al/en/htender/covid/title/KONTRAKTIME%20VAKSINIM%20COV-2?   )

Indicators as of October 10th, 2021, Infections, Hospitalizations, and Fatalities:

–           New Cases for 4th – 10th October  3 174
–           People Testes 4th – 10th October  29 909

–           Number of Fatalities for last week, 4th – 10th October – 55 (Increase from same week 4th – 10th October of the prior year.)
–           Number of active cases on 10th October 2021 – 7 113
–           Hospitalization 10th October 2021 – 164 (Reduction from same day 10th October of the prior year.)
–           Total Number of Fatalities 2 768
–           Total Number of Infected People 174 968
–           Number of recovered patients (4th – 10th October) 4 957
–           Infected Number / Tested Number for 4th – 10th October – 10.6 (Reduction from prior week)
–           Fatalities/Infected Ratio for 4th – 10th October – 1.73% (Reduction from prior week)
–           Hospitalized /Active cases as per 10th October 2021 – 2.3(Increase from prior week)
–           Total Population of Albania 2 829 741.
–           Population above 15 years 2 362 375.

The same week, 4th – 10th October, last year (4th – 10th October, 2020) there were: 24 deaths, comparing to that for the same week we have 31 more deaths in 2021. (This year we have an increase from same week prior year)

A total of 1114 new cases and 6557 tests for (4th – 10th October 2020). (This year we have an increase from the same week prior year)
Active on the 10th October were 5409 people (4th – 10th October 2020). (This year we have an increase from the same week prior year)
232 people were hospitalized on the 10th of October 2020.  (This year we have a reduction from the same day prior year)
Fatalities/Infected Ratio for 4th – 10th October 2020= 24/1114*100=2.15% (This year we have a reduction from the same week prior year)

We see that there is generally an ascending trend from last year.

In the portal created by AIS http://www.open.data.al/covid-19 /the data for Covid -19 are being updated daily. You will receive a weekly update on Covid 19, Vaccinations, Infections, Hospitalizations, and Fatalities in the coming weeks.

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