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ZA’LART 2015

ZA´LART 2015, is a project where the citizens are invited to denounce (report and alert) on an open source platform (website & app mobile), about problems they encounter during electoral campaigns and electoral day. Citizens are empowered with tools that allow them to participate in a real time monitoring process. This project is a new […]

Smart Tourist Albania

This project establishes a social media outlet where citizen-fed information becomes important and stimulates the solution of problems. Goal: Create a movement in which citizens intervened directly with voluntary actions on environment, culture and tourism in the country. Donor: American Embassy, Open Society Foundation Albania Duration: 2012/2013 Module: ** Web Platform ** Mobile App ** […]

Invitation for Participation at “Hackathon Albania 2013”

Open Data Albania is proud to announce its Annual Hackathon 2013. This event is a gathering of friends, activists and citizens that want to give their contribution through visualizations or projects, and help the general opinion. Hackathon is a casual meeting, where we collaborate as a team in writing applications, downloading data, creating visualizations or […]

Central Election Commission violates the Electoral Code concerning Financing of Electoral Subjects

Legal and administrative irregularities in appointing the Auditing Experts After publishing the data about the electoral expenditures for the two last campaigns, Open Data Albania, in an effort to ensure as much transparency as possible over the official data concerning the 2013 Electoral Campaign, found certain violations of the law in the organization of work […]

Electoral Spending as Open Data

Some countries lack the process of the publication and transparency for Electoral Expenditure. Former communist countries, countries with a new democracy or the ones who do not acknowledge political freedom, have not put into law the obligation to publish the Electoral Expenditures. Even in places where this law exists, there are big difficulties in building […]