Tenders in the healthcare sector, 40% of procedures carry risk of clientelism, marked with a red flag

The apprehension, on corruption charges, of a senior official from the Ministry of Health coincides with grim developments in this sector’s public contracting

AIS, through its Open Procurement Albania database – the Health category, has been monitoring all relevant procurement procedures for years, assessing and marking with a Red Flag (risk of irregularities and clientelism) several of them, which exhibited clear markers of abuse.

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Link Red Flag listing (risk for clientelism and irregularities)

Indeed, Health constitutes a sector, in which the Red Flag Tenders to the Total Tenders Ratio exceeds 40% of cases (in the case of municipalities, this indicator ranges from 15 to 25%).

However, the phenomenon of deterring officials only in flagrant cases of bribery, does very little to minimize corruption in the public procurement. The analysis, investigation or audit of risky procedures would lead to a better distribution of public money in this sector, which affects and has the potential, to further make the lives of patients in the health system, more vulnerable.

List of tenders of the Ministry of Health for which the Ministry has not yet announced the winner.